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Deliver Expertise

Confidently make accounting, audit, SEC and financial reporting decisions with CCH Accounting Research Manager as your premium online resource. Updated daily, it provides a current, complete and objective resource for your financial reporting needs and gets you the information you need faster with an intuitive and easy-to-use research solution.

Manage Risk

Get the full view of the changing landscape to stay competitive and up to date. Access the information you need to make decisions to support your business strategy. To keep current, subscribers receive our Weekly Summary, an email newsletter highlighting the key developments of the week. It provides links to FASB, AICPA, SEC, EITF, IASB, PCAOB, IIA, COSO, GASB, GAO and OMB authoritative and proposal-stage literature, plus insightful guidance from financial reporting experts.

Increase Productivity

Increasing complexities in rules and regulations require more time to research. Get ahead of emerging changes in your business, industries and from standard setters with ARM’s user-friendly navigation and integrated references by topic, by date, by authoritative body and more. Proactively address updates that impact you or your clients efficiently. Plus, you can access our mobile app, our ARM Financial Reporting Brief and emails on accounting, auditing, international, regulatory and governmental news on the go. Minimize your research time, while enhancing your results.

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GASB Issues Exposure Draft: Implementation Guide No. 201X-X, Financial Reporting for Postemployment Benefit Plans Other Than Pension Plans (10-18-2016)
SEC Issues Staff Speech: The Impact of SEC Enforcement on Public Finance by Andrew Ceresney, Director, Division of Enforcement (10-18-2016)
Lit Update: Going Concern Checklist (10-17-2016)

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